Executive Producer

Maurice Kanbar is an inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Born and raised in New York City, Maurice resides in San Francisco, California.

In 1993, Maurice founded SKYY Vodka (designing both the distinctive cobalt blue bottle and the name) which thereafter became the most successful domestic brand of vodka in the United States. As an inventor, Maurice holds more than 32 patents on various consumer and medical products. In 2001, Kanbar published an advice book for would-be inventors entitled, Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook. His most recent creation is Blue Angel Vodka.

A renowned supporter of the arts, especially independent film, Maurice created New York’s first multiplex cinema and he endowed the Kanbar Institute of Film at New York University. In 2006, Maurice produced an animated feature film, Hoodwinked, which held the number one spot in the United States during its first week of release and has grossed more than $100 million in domestic and foreign box office receipts. His film company, Kanbar Entertainment, is producing Hoodwinked Too, the sequel to the original hit film and is involved with developing other film projects.

Maurice is a graduate of Philadelphia University and a member of Mensa.

Maurice also has a cameo in the film as the "Doorman."